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Louie Villalobos

Louie Villalobos

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This is my website about the podcast I do about my son. I was lucky enough to get a kid who is both willful and kind.

So I decided to do a parenting podcast about what happens when a child finally brings meaning to a life previously spent meaningless. Also, I really like doing podcasts and writing words so this gives me a perfect outlet. Thank you for the support. Follow me on the things. Subscribe on the other things.

A group of autistic people helped me relate to my son

When I was asked to start a parenting blog it was kind of assumed that I would write and podcast a ton about my autistic son. Nope. Turns out him being autistic doesn't really mean much for my blogging or podcasting effort. That's mostly because his autism doesn't...

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Podcast: The current version of my son is the coolest

Our kids grow fast. than we would often want them to. They speed through milestones and always seem to be in a hurry to reach their next life phase quicker than they should.

My son is no different. His three years of life have speed by and I’ve been lucky enough to have a front row seat to his growth. But I started to realize that the version of my son is the best version I’ve met so far.

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Podcast: My son changed how I cover, read news

I’ve been a journalist for more than 15 years. But it wasn’t until I became a parent journalist that I understood why my friends gasp when kids are involved. In his first three years of life I had to post, write, and edit some really tragic news involving children. Each time I thought first of my son and how somebody could hurt such a small person.

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Parenting Podcast: My son’s secret life has begun

From this week’s parenting podcast: The boy is off and running with becoming the cool little kid he’s born to be. Most of his development and growth has come through school, which is giving him room to start that secret life we all had as children.

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Podcast: Bonding with our children

I grew up kind of jealous of friends who had a “thing” they always did with their dads. A sort of family bonding that sons and fathers can share for generations.

Sports seems like an obvious one. So does just kind of hanging out and talking about whatever is going on that moment in our life. One thing is for sure. I really love spending time with the kid and getting to learn about the kind of person he’s growing into.

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