The idea of happiness is an abstract one for parents. What would you consider happy and how do you get there? When it comes to being a parent, the question gets a little murkier.

It always seems that being happy takes a backseat to being scared, worried, and generally afraid. So that’s the idea I looked at with this blog and podcast. A study found that U.S. parents are among the least happiest in the world. The reasons are varied but I still think it just comes down to being fearful.

With all of that in mind, please take a moment to read my azcentral blog and/or listen to the podcast I have below.

Parents, are you happy?

I mean just basically happy. Go ahead, think about it for a moment. Hopefully you came back with at least a sense of happiness.

But, like me, you probably also struggled to define what happiness is. So let’s start there. The dictionary defines happiness as … yeah right.

I’ve spent the past few days chewing on the idea of happiness and a recent study that found U.S. parents are among the least happy in the world.

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