Doing a Father’s Day podcast proved to be a challenging thing. I really wasn’t sure what to write or what to say because I have very little experience being a son and even less time being a father.

So I started the week by pouring over the standard ideas you probably saw coming out of Father’s Day bloggers. But each idea was more cliche than the last. So I stewed over the post for several days and came up empty every time. It’s the worst kind of writer’s block.

My solution was to sit down and just start typing about the stuff I couldn’t really turn into a full blog. The cliches. Several paragraphs later I had the makings of a good Father’s Day post and podcast. The stuff I won’t talk to my son about.

So I have here an excerpt from the azcentral blog and I have below the podcast embed.

I could spend some time talking about the emergence of the “new father”. That’s really a thing, by the way. Studies have been conducted on how much fatherhood has evolved. A recent one, for example, found that we’re getting much more involved in the daily lives of our children.

You’re starting to see more of us at doctor’s appointments and school functions. We’re spending more free time with our kids and taking more leave after a birth.

I’ve been doing all of that without knowing I’m part of a movement. It just seems like a natural thing for me to be at every one of his doctor appointments.

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