There was a week where we were reduced to text message parenting. You see that? Literally five words that begin with the letter “w”. So yeah, our son and one of our dogs got pretty sick. That left us to split up the duties and figure out a way for us to take care of both our son and our pet.

Imagine like a week of communicating about very important stuff by texting all of the major updates. I spent a great deal of time at the vet, trying to figure out why our dog was on death’s door. My wife spent all of her time at home, helping our son get through a pretty nasty stomach bug.

All of the updates came through our smartphones. Pictures, videos, and text messages were sent in real time. So I of course wrote a blog about that for azcentral and took a few minutes to do a podcast.

Here are a few graphs from my blog. You’ll see the podcast below.

Meanwhile, I was at the vet office trying to figure out why our dog couldn’t stop throwing up. I was told it might be a stomach virus after some X-rays and a quick examination. I texted her throughout the visit with updates and pictures of the dog looking super pathetic.

I took him back home and hoped this thing would work itself out. The problem with Ratchet is he has basically cheated death his whole life, which started when we found him almost eight years ago as a newborn puppy.

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