Parents, we are raising a generation of children who are going viral. Everything our kids do and say is fodder for Internet fame. Sometimes that can be good. Scholarships and job opportunities are often earned through sudden moments of fame.

The problem, though, is that lives can be ruined just as quickly. There are been countless cases of social media posts going viral, creating a fallout of crazy proportions. So it’s long since been time for us to let our kids know that everything they post can quickly spread to all corners of the internet.

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What kids don’t always understand is that words and actions carry weight. What most of us don’t get yet is that the internet is increasingly becoming the place where the punishment is carried out — and carried out swiftly.

Families can use social media and the internet to do great and rewarding things. Kids can gain a great deal of confidence and knowledge via social media. But part of that has to be us talking to them about long-term consequences and us realizing that the world is a smaller place than it was when we were doing stupid stuff. The new reality is that one bad post can bring it all crashing down.

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