Kids using technology, amirite? The boy loves his tech. He is basically a YouTube genius and has all the cool apps months before the other kids on the block. The amount of growth we’ve seen because of this technology has been significant.

Things such as speech, motor skills, and confidence have skyrocketed from his time in front of screens. Yet we do have to ask ourselves if he’s doing too much with technology.

Here is a link to my azcentral blog and below you can find my podcast on my son using technology for his own growth and learning. Here is an excerpt from my blog post.

Still, it can be a bit much. Limits are needed, after all. So we started taking him outside more often. Let’s go feed the ducks at the park. Let’s go for a neighborhood walk. Hey, let’s go buy the book you just got done reading on the iPad.

Mixing the world around him with the technology near him has really turned the Kraken into a kid who loves to explore and learn as much as he can.

We’re going to have our work cut out for us when he gets a little older and those cute videos and education apps turn into the Internet the rest of us know is out there.

Until then it’s Dr. Seuss apps and ABC Mouse lessons for everybody.

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