Turns out that my childhood experiences are having a great deal of impact on my parenthood choices. So I decided to spend some time examining how my life could make me a better father.

The results were a blog and podcast on the topic. I tried to be honest and open about things from the past and continue to be really excited about things in the immediate future. Here is the azcentral blog post and I’ve embedded the podcast below.

I was asked to talk about something most people won’t know about me. My options were the stories about how I was forced to attend AA for high school students, my time as youth pastor, and the time I put a gun to my father’s head.

My Facebook friends said I should go with youth pastor. I think they felt that was the least controversial topic and the wiser options for a meeting that included important people.

But there was a small suggestion from the Facebook crowd that I do a podcast where I talk about all three stories. The only question that person had was if I could see a way to tie it to my “daddy blog” and podcast.

As always, feel free to subscribe to the podcast on any of the major platforms. :: and : .