I’ve been a journalist for more than 15 years. But it wasn’t until I became a parent journalist that I understood why my friends gasp when kids are involved. In his first three years of life I had to post, write, and edit some really tragic news involving children. Each time I thought first of my son and how somebody could hurt such a small person.

I wrote about the “mom gasp” for a blog over at azcentral. Here is a snippet of my post and link to the full read. My podcast on the topic is below. It focuses on being a parent journalist.

From azcentral 

It was the sound of parents immediately seeing the faces of their own children when tasked with the job of reporting on the death of another child.  I called it the mom gasp because I was working with a roomful of moms at the time. My job was to help put our print section together. That often times meant editing stories about kids dying, tragically and in ways that could have easily been prevented.

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